Masked Singer Panelists Connect the Dots on Kardashians Clue


It’s the most confounding Kardashians musical moment since Kylie Jenner sang “Rise and Shine.”

In an exclusive clip from the Oct. 5 episode of The Masked Singer, the panelists receive a clue that the Fortune Teller is somehow intricately connected to the Kardashians—which sends everybody into a tizzy.

“So, he invested in something and now he owns it,” panelist Jenny McCarthy, dressed as Wonder Woman for The Masked Singer’s TV Theme Night, ponders. “Does he own the Kardashians? The Kardashians are so huge. We know everybody they touch, date and then some.”

Jenny then reveals that another clue connects the mystery celeb with the borough of Queens, leading panelist Ken Jeong to say, “Shout-out to my boy Scott Disick.”

However, Jenny is not convinced, arguing, “I can’t see Scott coming from Queens.” 

In addition to the Kardashians connection, there’s another clue that is influencing Jenny’s decision-making.

“This is tricky because before I saw him sing or saw his body, I was thinking, ‘Could this be Steve Harvey, who the Kardashians are friends with?'” Jenny continues. “I saw the clothing rack and he has his own suit line.”

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