Modern Love Podcast: How to Feel Yourself


“Everyone deserves an orgasm” is a fair way to express Diana de Vegh’s attitude toward life. Diana is a firm believer in the pursuit of pleasure — of all sorts — for all people.

As we kick off a new season of Modern Love, our host, Anna Martin, gets Diana’s advice on how people can infuse sensuality into their day-to-day lives. (Hint: a chilled beverage, a warm bath and a juicy mango.)

We also listen to Diana’s story about seeking help at a sleek sex shop in downtown Manhattan. Why should a legally blind 83-year-old woman have to struggle so much just to get a sex toy?

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Hosted by: Anna MartinProduced by: Elyssa Dudley, Julia Botero, Hans Buetow, Christina Djossa and Anna MartinEdited by: Sara SarasohnEngineered by: Elisheba IttoopTheme Music by: Dan PowellOriginal Music by: Dan Powell and Rowan NiemistoRead by: Holly PalanceWritten by: Diana de VeghFounder, Modern Love: Daniel JonesEditor, Modern Love Projects: Miya Lee

Special thanks: Anna Diamond, Noelle Franco, Bianca Maiocchi, Mahima Chablani, Nell Gallogly, Julia Simon and Jeffrey Miranda.

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