See Nikki & Brie Bella Trash Talk in Celebrity Beef Sneak Peek


There’s nothing like a bit of sibling competition.

Sisters Nikki and Brie Bella are going from fighting in the WWE ring to fighting in the kitchen on the Sept. 20 episode of Celebrity Beef, and E! has your first look at the twins’ stir fry showdown.

The Total Bellas stars swap places for a special “Twin Magic” round, the winner of which gets a special advantage later on in the competition. And unlike Nikki, who is using her time to sabotage her sister’s dish, Brie plays nice and helps Nikki out.

“How’s the hater doing over there?” Nikki asks from across the room, to which Brie responds, “I’m improving your station over here.”

Sensing some tension in the kitchen, host Joel McHale decides the “Twin Magic” is doing more harm than good. “Now, the respectful thing to do is to just let them be, but I didn’t sign up for this show to be respectful,” he jokes before ringing the bell to end the round. “I did it to pay for my mountain of gambling debts.”

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